Facts About Denver That You Should Know

Denver is a city located in the U.S, Colorado, it’s also the state’s capital. Apart from the history background, Denver is known to be one of the most incredible places to visit. There’re a few interesting facts and information about the city of Denver that you probably didn’t know.

– Short History But Great

No one used to live in Denver metro area in 1858. Three decades later, Colorado was already a state with an average population of 200,000. This was due to the gold mines. The fascinating period that Denver experienced a couple of the wildest events in the U.S. are relived in ancient gold mining villages, museums and a huge number of stylish Victorian buildings.

– Denver is Located Near the Mountains

You can literally see 200 peaks from Denver, this includes 32 that rise even above 13,000 feet. The panoramic view of the mountains that you can see from Denver is 140 miles long.

– Denver Experiences 300 Days of Sunshine Every Year

Denver is situated at the east of the great mountain range and has a light and dry sunny climate, receiving more hours of the sun every other year as compared to other cities like San Diego and Miami Beach. During the Winter period, Denver experiences high daily temperatures averaging at 45 degrees in the month of February; Phoenix experiences a wetter climate.

– In the Whole of the U.S. Denver Has Among the Most Spectacular City Park Systems

The recognized parks within the city of Denver are 200 whereas there’re 20,000 acres of parks in the mountains nearby. The city prides itself of having a buffalo herd and annually, they take an initiative in planting over 200,000 flowers in their 26 flower gardens. Benedict Fountain Park, Observatory Park, Confluence Park and Washington Park are other examples of parks found in Denver.

– Denver Has Seven Skilled Sports Teams

Denver is known to love its sport. Several games are played in this city such as football, horse racing, basketball, baseball, professional rodeo and hockey. Denver owns 85 miles of bike paths, the country’s most distinct city park system and 90 golf courses. Denver has a bike-sharing program that helps the visitors tour around the amazing city. You can simply pick a bike from any of the very many stations that are situated near major attractions and hotels and later return it to any other station for only a little membership fee.